Hello I'm Nelani. I'm an Art Director and graphic designer based in Tampa, FL. 



 Hi I'm Nelani! I'm an Art Director with over ten years of design experience. I work as a versatile Designer with a broad experience in working with a variety of clients and artists. I have the ability to lead a team of designers, make necessary adjustments to meet deadlines, and effectively coordinate in fast paced environments. I also have strong problem solving skills and excellent presentation skills.


Daily Designs

I've signed up for a few design challenges, so I dedicated this section to any design projects I complete on my spare time.  The goal is to continue to strengthen my creative muscle.  This section will include UI Design, Logo Design, Drawing Challenges, or anything I want to challenge myself to create.  All of these projects are 100% concept designs created from concept to completion with very little direction, using either existing or completely fabricated companies.


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