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Calusa Brewing - Sarasota, FL

Beer Label Design

For this project I was inspired by Florida’s rich aquatic heritage & culture of the “Calusa Tribe.”  In my research I found that Calusa means "fierce people." With that in mind the overall look and feel of these 2 labels reflected a fun modern twist on the fierce powerful creatures of the ocean. 

Client / 

Calusa Brewing


Role / 

Art Director



Agency / 

Studio Max Design

Final Label Design for Citronius

I started by doing some quick sketches for Dissonance and settled on this fierce beard wave concept.  The face was inspired by a traditional Calusa Tribe Mask who's mustache turns into a swirling ocean combining the two flavors of cinnamon and coffee.

Final Concept Design

Beer Mock-Ups

Final Label Design

Calusa Sketch
SM_Calusa Labels
label closeup
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